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Coralis Health - Specialized Health Services, Connections & Education
Coralis Health - Specialized Health Services, Connections & Education
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Our Platform & Network

Coralis Health, LLC is a platform to connect neurodivergent and disabled children, adults, and caregivers with highly specialized healthcare providers, therapies, and services. Our care spans all ages, starting from the initial concerns and diagnosis, all the way through adulthood. Our goal is to create a world where all people can realize their full potential!

We provide a virtual network of care utilizing highly experienced healthcare providers and focused services to assist the millions of children experiencing mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges. We provide diagnoses, consultations, and services in an efficient, timely manner, avoiding what is typically years of emotional distress to both children and their families caused by the lengthy delays in receiving these services.

Coordinated Services That Support You Every Step of The Way

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Services are coordinated by both compassionate human interaction and advanced technology, to provide personalized healthcare plans and assist families every step of the way.

With the options of in-person or virtual care, we help families find the right healthcare professionals, services, and educational materials to give their loved ones the care they need and deserve.

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We Provide Professional Services, Educational Content, and More

Our highly trained team of medical professionals includes experts in the fields of child development and mental health.

In addition to providing professional services, we have created educational content, including workshops and courses, that are available to serve both families and other healthcare professionals. Our medical education programs allow primary care professionals to learn more about child development and behavioral health, so they can effectively respond to this vastly unmet need.

By allowing healthcare professionals to do what they love in a practical, highly effective, and healthful manner, Coralis Health LLC, reduces physician fatigue, while creating an optimum environment of care for families in need of these incredibly important services.
Children Diagnosed
0 in 36

With Autism

Average Visit Wait Time prior to Coralis
0 mo - 2 yrs

For Developmental Pediatrician

Ayesha Cheema-Hasan, MD

CEO and Founder, Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician

Angelica Robles, MD
Angelica Robles, MD

CMO and Co-Founder, Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician

The future of developmental pediatrics and behavioral health is here, because everyone deserves the opportunity to live a full, happy and productive life!

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